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About Us

We are a small band of friends who make music and enjoy ourselves

Who We Are

We are ordenary people, doing ordirnary stuff. Except on every other Thursday, that's when we make Rock'n Rock. It all started in 2015 in Tommy's very small studio (not even a studio). Bård, Kris og Tommy made there first song. Can be heard here. And after some time we grew into 5 members. Gaute on drums, and Fredrik on Bass.

What We Do

On these Thursdays we make music and try to make magic. We have about 50-60 songs, not ready by a long shot, but no matter what, we had fun making them. We also have a lot of other mucisians from around our area helping out.

Out Formula

This is more about fun and fellowship then music. The music is a by-product and that's what makes it fun. We also welcome any musician that wants to heng out.

Our music

...so far!

meet the band

These are all the partners in crime


Tommy Rasmussen

Producer / Recorder / Mixer


Bård Ramsås



Fredrik Hem-Andersen



Kristoffer Opheim



Gaute Eldøy


Get In Touch

If you wish to get in contact with us, for any reason, you'll find us on Facebook